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-Wonderful 9 ways leather bag made of italian full grain leather, characterised by its amazing design which can be used for different occasions

-Change to cross body bag when releasing the metal chain to maximum length

-Replace the leather-metal chain strap by provided long leather strap to become casual look cross body bag

-Change to handheld bag by removing the metal chains from the leather metal chain strap, and attach remaining leather strap to the bag

-Change to shoulder bag by adjusting the metal chain length on both sides

-Removing all the leather metal chain strap to become a cosmetic bag

-Change to waist bag by adjusting the metal chain length on both side

-Change to another style by reallocate the spring ring position on both sides

-The leather metal chain is detachable and can be used as a waist chain individually

-Wide color range available

9-Way Leather Bag

SKU: SGS-2753
HK$998.00 Regular Price
HK$598.80Sale Price

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