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Urban Strangers Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple

“We are interested in finding the most appropriate way to communicate an idea.”



Each Urban Stranger item is as simple as just to communicate an idea. Simple, yet versatile, as it embodies the core design elements – trendy, casual, sharp, cool, creative, offbeat, fun, playful... With these in mind, the dedicated design team of Urban Stranger deftly juggles with signs, symbols, iconography, material, colours, texture, patterns etc, just to communicate an idea –

a unique style.


Urban Stranger is not just simple a product. It is a noise. It is an attitude. It surprises people. Urban Stranger gives an individual an identity in the urban city, a distinctive one with an unusual taste.


Urban Stranger is not just about fashion – it's also about functionality and quality. All of the brand's products emphasise on the lavish use premium material, such as Italian leather which meticulously processed to achieve special natural effects and high-thread water repellent fabric for durability and  tear resistance.

About AREA 0264

AREA 0264 is a modern and unique chain store targeting the dynamic youth who are always seeking to be unusual and stylish.



AREA 0264 is a retail brand under a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Founded in 2004, AREA 0264 has quickly gained popularity among young people and become the prime destination for the fashion-conscious in search of trendy style. It boasts and eclectic mix fashionable apparel and accessories to live up to its concept for “one-stop shopping.”


AERA 0264 is a multi-brand store not only offering the full lineup of Urban Stranger's products, but also many other trendy and popular labels.

AREA 0264 is committed to satisfying to its customer's everlasting quest for the most up-to-date fashion items. Therefore, merchandise line-up and brands mix are reviewed and updated regularly in order to maintain a refreshing line-up of products.


Each AREA 0264 store is elaborately designed with special displays to convey AREA 0264's unique and chic image and provide the best shopping experience.

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